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Private Sector

The private sector is the driving force behind economic growth and can generate prosperity for communities and their residents. It provides employment and business opportunities which contribute to improving a range of social standards which lead to safer, healthier and more resilient communities.

On an individual level, economic growth contributes to increased local incomes, self-confidence and an improving sense of self-worth.

With so many stakeholders including Governments, aid agencies, philanthropists, NGO's and the corporate sector all striving to assist developing communities, it can often be confusing for people in those communities to know where to start. Additional resources are wasted through duplication of effort.

The eNPC Private Sector Development strategy is community centred. It aligns stakeholder effort with community needs from a community point of view. The matching of "top down" resources with "bottom up" needs maximises opportunities for people to help themselves achieve wealth through business and the resulting employment opportunities.

As resources are limited, alignment of the various strategies and programs are critical. eNPC seeks to reduce duplication of effort which causes confusion and to maximise the use of various funding programs to gain the greatest benefit. This is achieved by ensuring all stakeholders are identified early in the strategy and included in the planning of our projects.

eNPC Private Sector Development Strategy specifically supports community based business to:

  • Participate more fully in market opportunities
  • Increase employment across all levels of the business for local residents
  • Create business multipliers throughout the community
  • Provide increasing returns to community shareholders

eNPC provides key business inputs that many communities have difficulty in securing, including:

  • Diversified board providing governance stability and proven business success
  • Quality management and operating systems tested through internal and external audit
  • Excellent banking relationships and credit history enabling accessibility to finance
  • Proven skills and experience that demonstrate capability rather than aspiration

Critically, NPC provides communities with the ability to "Get Started".

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