The provision of mining services is where eNPC Australia started and continues to be a key part of our business model.

We view the provision of mining services as a platform for evolving into other diversified industries which we view as a key strategy for the development of a stronger local SME sector. Diversification contributes to a more resilient and sustainable community as well as a broader skills base that will be able to withstand future impacts of mine closure.

The following summarises specific capabilities within our mining projects:

Indigenous labour hire – The labour hire division aims to transition Indigenous people from the communities where we operate into our workforce. Our current labour hire pool of Indigenous people from the surrounding communities operates a range of machinery for MMG Century mine including dozers, excavators and haul trucks.

Crushing and screening services – Providing crushing and screening services for mines, state and local governments; our contracts have included crushing overburden and waste rocks from MMG Century mine into road base and stemming blast material for the mine. We have also produced MRS road base for the Department of Main Roads.

Drilling services – eNPC provides coal exploration drilling services to BMA in the Bowen Basin region of Queensland and are currently expanding reach into the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Machinery hire – A range of machinery, including a Caterpillar 993K wheel loader, Caterpillar 992G wheel loader and Caterpillar D10 crawler tractor are hired to MMG Century mine. eNPC has capacity to quickly acquire additional machinery in line with client demands.

Rehabilitation services – providing mine rehabilitation and revegetation projects, we have assisted MMG Century mine to assess options for capping waste dumps and the tailings dam. We are currently in discussion regarding the closure plans for the mine. Rehabilitation services are a key business strategy for NPC as the contracts assist to provide work and a more sustainable economy for Indigenous communities beyond the life of the mine.

Civil earthworks – working with our project partners, we undertake civil projects including road building and civil construction earthworks.

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