Employment and Training

Employment and Training


eNPC has implemented innovative and creative responses to the recruitment, training and employment of Indigenous people in the mining and civil industries. We have been given the freedom to trial and implement ways of supporting an Indigenous workforce, with due respect for cultural values and traditions. These trials and our close relationship with local Indigenous communities have lead to positive solutions helping to keep our Indigenous workers happy, and employed for longer.

Local facilitators

In order to engage local people, we use local facilitators who do the ground work of getting trainees ready to work on site. They organise medicals, site and job inductions and provide a contact point for the company in the community.


At eNPC we take training very seriously. We believe it's a vital link in getting more and more people from local communities involved in the industry.

It is eNPC 's company policy that Aboriginal people be trained at all levels of the business, including administrative and management levels.

On-site mentoring

We have engaged mentors to work with workers on site. The mentors regularly visit the site and provide advice and assistance to the Indigenous trainees. Trainees have reported feeling more comfortable on site since the introduction of the mentors, as they have an outlet to discuss issues that they wouldn't normally discuss with their non-Indigenous manager. The mentors also have a role with the eNPC Board of Directors, as this helps to provide a clear link between the needs of company management and the needs and views of the workers.

Successful staff retention

As some indication of our success in the areas of employment and training, eNPC 's staff retention rates double the industry average with a rate of 70 per cent to 80 per cent retention over a twelve month period.