About Us

About Us

eNPC is a 100% Aboriginal community owned business investing in opportunities that will enable a more diversified economic base and increase employment and training opportunities for the Waanyi people and our Indigenous community partners.

eNPC is the commercial arm of Waanyi Aboriginal Corporation (WAC), a not-for-profit group, which utilises dividends to invest in education, document and support local language programs, sponsor local sporting and cultural events and invest in community business and infrastructure.

Waanyi people have strong aspirations to return to their own traditional lands after being displaced to the community of Doomadgee. The gradual return to lands will be staged in line with economic development so there is no reliance on welfare to support the community. eNPC is the commercial vehicle that will enable that goal to be achieved.

Whilst starting through the provision of contract services to the mining and civil industries through rock crushing, drilling, plant and labour hire services, eNPC is now diversifying into building construction and maintenance and agriculture. Diversification is critical as it recognises that many Indigenous people in remote communities do not want to be miners. Diversification contributes to a more resilient and sustainable community as well as a broader skills base that will be able to withstand future impacts of mine closure.

eNPC was originally established as a joint venture between a WAC company and an experienced mining contracting company. In 2008 the WAC company bought out their partners thereby making eNPC 100% Aboriginal owned.

eNPC has since strengthened its capacity to service larger projects and is now expanding to partner with communities throughout Australia and overseas through the Community Business Partnerships Model. Key overseas markets include South America, Africa and Asia Pacific.

The Community Business Partnerships Model is underpinned by the value of sharing, providing Indigenous communities with the opportunity to participate in a range of diversified economic activities in their own region by partnering with eNPC.

Specifically, the model supports community based Indigenous business to:

  • Participate more fully in market opportunities
  • Increase Indigenous employment across all levels of the business
  • Create business multipliers throughout the community
  • Provide increasing returns to community shareholders

eNPC provides key business inputs that many Indigenous communities have difficulty in securing, including:

  • Diversified board providing governance stability and proven business success
  • Quality management and operating systems tested through internal and external audit
  • Excellent banking relationships and credit history enabling accessibility to finance
  • Proven skills and experience that demonstrate capability rather than aspiration

Critically, eNPC provides Indigenous communities with the ability to "Get Started".